Synth Effects

someone here who creates his own effects in renoise (using vst modules)? just played a bit with an instrument modulated with soundtoys tremolator, magix ecox, 2c aether, autopan, camel space and some delays. i hate it to use that out of the box (and often boring) sound effects from the softsynths…

heres an example (still working on it)

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I was confused after first post, now 3 posts in i’m even more confused. Is this about a trick you want to show us or just to tip people that vst presets suck? :unsure:

my posting made that very clear…i asked about ppl who make their own effects in renoise instead of using “out of the box” effects from vsti´s. i couldnt post an xrni or xrns because of the plugins i used. so instead theres a sample iv made. further i want to discuss the making of (modulated) synth effects or synthsounds in general, but im not sure if this is the right place for that :huh:

To say that your post made anything very clear is a bit of an exaggeration. You’re not being very specific at all, this is a vastly huge subject and you tell us nothing about what kind of effects you want to discuss.
I bet 99% or more of the Renoise users experiment with making various effects, i don’t think the majority just use presets in VST’s to achieve their own personal sound.
I rarely use VST’s/VSTi’s at all, but of course it depends on what kind of effect i want to achieve.

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What? People like me? Have i been rude here or anything? :blink:

To come up with something constructive, here you have a very nice link for making some very neat synth sounds by chipping:
There are some very cool tricks in that text and they should be easy to recreate and manipulate in the awesome new R3 Instrument editor.

hm ok thx! but this are rather basic tracking elements (for chipsounds)?!

id thought more about creating usable “special” effects that fit into real “electronic music”. so we already have such elements here in the tips & tricks section (all those “[3.0]” doofer experiments). but to be honest, i didnt find them useful for professional results. im hihgly interested in modulating synth sounds but that is really a wide spectrum especially when it come to program the vst modules. so for the beginning id like to know what you guys doing to get those real “ear catchers”. there are many ways to archieve this and i found no example in renoise (tutorial songs) where i would say “wow” - “thats it”. if you get an idea…lets say…we want to create a sound that is like a “meteor shower”…how would you do that?

greets kola

If I am not mistaking , I don’t think the multi tap delay has delay interpolation …
Thhus creating a nice sounding flanger is out of the question .
Funny thing is , the old chorus device has +it has a long delay time too …I wonder why they never upgraded the multitapdelay , interpolation for nice tape echo effetcs …

Use comb filter to make some good modulation effects. LFO on freq, adjust wet/dry blend and feedback, get cool flangey/phasey sounds.

dude, a comb filter is basically the same as a flanger …it’s a short delay time …that is modulated in a feedback loop ; polarity inverted defines the +/-
I am just saying that the multitap delay could benefit from an upgrade , interpolating delaylines …

Yups. That’s how it works. Just wanted to add that the comb filter also makes cool noises. That was all. Had nothing to do with the multitap delay, really, I promise. :D

A meteor shower:
Different types of noise, filters, lofimat and convolver, som panning and pitching and you’re done.

If that text is basic for you then you probably wouldn’t ask how to make an “ear catcher”. :rolleyes:

tip to topic starter …
If you want to create nice personal effects , you ’ have to now what you want to achieve …most effects are based on delay time , modulating delay times etc …feedback loops ; al pass filters in feedback loops , those are the basis for flangers ,chorusses etc ., pitch shifters etc
Modulating delay times AT AUDIO rate , etc…
Feedback networks of all pas filters in series = phasers , etc .
Renoise give you some nice effects , and you can stack them , but you can’t create ( controlled ) FEEDBACK loops , and really that is where the magic begins …
IOW get reaktor or max msp or audiomulch .

ah thx i already got a plan and do some nice things…i just wanted to share information about this. so i mentioned a few tools in my first post. i will try to do something with renoise internal effects but so far i havent got any useful results as the renoise effects are…hm not bad :wink: