Synth Metal

Here’s another remix of my older songs. The sound is quite industrial (and perhaps experimental). I put together Virus TI synth with thick sounds from my Jem and POD (Vai-ish amp modelling).

Anyway, the old mix was quite muddy. And the instruments are quite challenging here, but I tried to clarify the sound with EQ cuts, ducking, blend reverb and stereo widening. I know this is not commercial-level stuff, but I hope I’m progressing little in every mix.

But how does this sound to you? Any mixing tips / flaws I’ve obviously made?

It sounds pretty good to me. I think that sometimes the synth sounds are a bit too quite, and the drums could probably have their highs boosted a bit, but for the most part it sounds very well put together (and very well played!).

vittu perkele!!! Sounds good :D

The bit on the high E string reminds me vaguely of Castlevania - Symphony of the night. (iirc that was also done with an ibanez through line6 modeler…?)

Wow!!! This guitar is recorded pristinely, and sounds great. In general I think the track is mixed very well. The one helpful comment I might have, is that for my ears, I find some of the dead center lead to be too loud in the mix. Its really, really on top and out front. For my tastes, I might have brought that fader down a bit.

I’m totally striving for a crystal clear guitar mix like this… – even though our styles of music are totally different.

Great job, cheers

Thanks for the most positive feedback I’ve had here so far :) (Especially Delt for your kind words… yes it’s POD HD500 and Jem).

Deciding lead volume levels is surprisingly hard. Everything is very loud when listening via Avantones. When I switch to Truths the lead sound gets very quiet and headphones somewhere in between. My room is probably making things harder as well.

And I am not very good with compressors yet. But learning all the time. I’ll probably try to tweak some volume levels still.

I can’t speak for the audio quality because I am using pretty crappy speakers at the moment, but the song itself is good, although it sounds a bit void in the middle part and in general Steve Vai would have changed the quantity of notes instead of playing 90% of thirds. Maybe you are confusing Steve Vai with Iron Maiden? :)

Ok, I’m talking about Jem and amp modelling sounds in the verse and just needed a catchy headline to get people clicking my topic :) My playing is nothing like Vai’s and I’m not half as good as Dave Murray.

Anyway, thanks for listening. You might be right about the middle part. I try to avoid adding too much instruments in the mix, have to think about this…

Reading the thread title I thought by ‘Virus’ you meant this awesome band! And I imagined adding Steve Vai to their music… :yeah: :dribble:

Now I feel so ripped off… :(

Originally the song was a story about Steve Vai struggling with his computer virus. Sorry about the confusion, changed the headline.

love the chip sound in the intro.
I like the melodies.
Good track. :)