synth pop demo made in renoise

enjoy the tunes, my dudes smile.png

mastered to cassette then bounced back onto the internet.

any feedback would be much appreciated

I like this a lot. Vocal’s perhaps a little too quiet, but that’s a minor criticism. All three songs are good, especially Dream Haunter and Sedona.

Please tell us more about the process for making these tunes and where Renoise fits into things.


I will turn the vocal up on the next demo version we make.

We used renoise to:

record the vocals

sequence the drum and vocal samples

sequence hardware synths (a dx7, dsi prophet 08 and a sci pro one) via midi out

and we used a lot of native effects

We had to figure out how to get the hardware synths audio and the laptop audio together for the final mix.

We experimented with recording the synths and making them into samples in renoise but were unhappy with how they sounded recorded vs live.

Our compromise was to record the final mix onto a tape deck and play the cassette back into a new renoise project.

Maybe there is an easier way?

Personally, I like the added grit of bouncing it to cassette but I could see how it might make the end result sound less professional.

Thanks for your reply, I bought a registered copy of Renoise last August and it quickly became my favorite DAW.

I’m glad to share our work with other users.

I like this a lot. Vocal’s perhaps a little too quiet, but that’s a minor criticism.

Same here. I like the tracks, but also feel that the vocal is rather quiet (mainly on the first track).

If it’s out of concern that they won’t fit in the mix somehow, then perhaps adding some simple FX treatment like short echoes could help to integrate them? It’s a classic “trick” :slight_smile:

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