Synth Programming - Techno/electronica Sound

It’s in this song:

It sorta fades in and has a kinda echo/delay effect. You can hear it clearly at around 0:07 seconds.

If someone could help me program this sound, that’d be great. And if anyone could tell me what notes are being played, that would be a nice bonus. Thanks in advance.


Uhh, that’s just three notes with delay and a bandpass filter?

Use the native DSP such as Delay in combination with Filter3.

Or use a plug-ins such as:

I don’t think anyone can help you program this. It’s three notes, and some echo tweaks.

Just practice and experiment. You’ll get it eventually.

Maybe this will help a bit, but this is fairly standard stuff :)
Bandpass Synth

So maybe a few detuned saws run through a bandpass and some delay?