Synth rock "Mykje vil ha meir" - critiques are welcome

Haven’t been here for some time. This is the first time I’ve done any music in Norwegian, I’ve gotten old enough that I couldn’t see myself using English anymore. If you’d like to listen and maybe point out weak or strong spots, I’ll be grateful. Some parts are a lot less than tight, but I kinda like the stumbling feeling at times.


I’m no good at critique but I certainly enjoyed it, very cool track! Would listen to more of your stuff for sure :slight_smile:

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Not bad at all.

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Like it :+1:
nice Voice (for my taste to loud in the mix) reminds me a little an Danzig

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Big thanks! I’m for ever having issues with grasping mixing, and also tend to lose confidence in the song while mixing. I’m gonna redo some parts which are a bit too raggedy for my own liking, and actually do some automation on the levels.

If anyone has suggestions for what could be good reference tracks for this kinda song, I’d appreciate it.

Should anyone feel inclined to collaborate on something, give me a shout. It’s more fun working with others