Synth1 not recognized in Renoise

Hello. SO I want to use Synth1. I downloaded the latest version of it and put it into a folder called “VST32”. I added that path into Renoise but still it doesn’t finds it. I put both 32 and 64 versions.

What could be happening?

I have it working on Ableton Live, I already clicke don the initsettings exe, and still it won’t show up. Do I really need to install that Visual C runtime? I think my computer already has it.

Yes. In fact I just tried installing new ones but Renoise can’t find none. I think it can’t read the folder I specified. I have both: VST and VST32. It seems it can’t search the 2nd one.

Weirdly they do appear in the splash while loading Renoise, but they do not appear in the VST window.

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