Synth1 not recognized in Renoise

Hello. SO I want to use Synth1. I downloaded the latest version of it and put it into a folder called “VST32”. I added that path into Renoise but still it doesn’t finds it. I put both 32 and 64 versions.

What could be happening?

To make Synth1 run,
you first have to run the “initsettings” inside the Synth1 folder.
This will set the directories for Synth1 properly.

You may also need the Microsoft Visual C runtime from 2014, but I have no idea which one.

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I have it working on Ableton Live, I already clicke don the initsettings exe, and still it won’t show up. Do I really need to install that Visual C runtime? I think my computer already has it.

If it already works in Ableton Live then you already have the required runtime libraries.

Did you click “Rescan” in the Plugins settings in
Renoise (menu) Edit… Preferences… Plugs/Misc tab?

Yes. In fact I just tried installing new ones but Renoise can’t find none. I think it can’t read the folder I specified. I have both: VST and VST32. It seems it can’t search the 2nd one.

Weirdly they do appear in the splash while loading Renoise, but they do not appear in the VST window.

Do you have both folders enabled? (in the Plugins settings)
There is a checkmark on the left.

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Also, maybe if your plugins are in the \Program Files\ folder, you may need to run Renoise as administrator or move your plugins to a less security restricted folder outside of the \Program Files\

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