Synth1 Vst Droped Notes When Songspeed Is Doubled

Just as topic says.

I have problem: my notes in track 1 are offbeat, and its not possible to get it right with bpm 135/speed 6
So… i expanded the pattern to double length, and set the speed to 3 instead - now i get more free room to enter the notes.

But now the VST drops most notes!

Which VST plugin are you talking about?
Did you tried using the delay commands in the panning/volume column to change the offset of the notes to a finer resolution?

It’s the “Synth 1” VST

No, I didn’t try using delay commands…

Do they help you out if you do try them?

Would be great if you could prepare a small test song which demonstrates the problem. So we all can take a look at this.

Hmm, today it works. i went from patspeed 6 to 3 in expanded pattern, and synth 1 works perfect.

I have no idea…