instead of trying to beat it-alien in the total post-count I decided I could instead give synthedit a try and do some vst-plugins that atleast I really need. :D

the problem is that I cant find any good tutorial for this program and I am missing some vital stuff in there, some prefabs.

can anyone point me anywhere I can learn how to make a VST-Plug, how to do a gater in synthedit and so on ? I did this 2 OSCs tutorial which comes with synthedit, but I havent learnt much from it.

I have no problems doing my ideas with reaktor, but synthedit is far from being easy for me. :(

One place you might want to check out:
synthedit community
There’s quite a few articles & some forums there as well.

I’ve tried to access this site but it’s totally closed to any non-member user :o

this sucks, ok, but sucks even more considering that I can’t manage to register!
:blink: :angry:

every time I click on “join” it redirects me to the page itself…

I browse internet sites since 1995 so I assume I’m not so much stupid… :rolleyes:

well, anyway I’ve put an eye (select one => :blink: :D ) on
SynthEdit HomePage and tried it for a couple of minutes (hey, I’m at work B) )…
Looza: I didn’t find any so much different than Reaktor… what is exactly so strange to you about it?

the strong one is that you can export your setups as VST-Plugins, and thats just sweeeet. :D

the weak point (I’ve tried it this night YAA-A-AWN :blink: ) is that it lacks of a lot of logic controlling elements I’ve found really useful in Reaktor.

These are really simple items (like 1/X, multiplexers, matrixes, and so on…), which a program like this should already have in its alpha stage, expecially when it already has effects like reverb

another weak point is that you can’t access the structure of basic items (in Reaktor you can even cut/copy/paste on prefabs.

the interface, expecially when setting values, is also quite a pain in my opinion, but one can deal with it, considering that this is an open project.

building an entire VST instrument from scratch is too much difficult with SynthEdit at the moment, while for building VST effects it should be very useful.

One thing I have to try is to save a VST effect DLL with a file name value, and put it on a track in ReNoise to see what happens :)

in the end, this program is far from being powerful as Reaktor is, but his VST-save feature really worths a lot.

yeah, thats the thing.

for example for this gated delay … I have no gate for reaktor, so I just sat down, thought for a few mins and made one in reaktor, having only one or two moments where I was confused and did not now how to go on.

but in synthedit … there is an awful lot of stuff missing at the moment.

but hey … VST … :)

I’m making some noise about this on the
Reaktor 4 Forum.

Please take part to the noise :D