Synthi Aks Xrni Pack Gift :)

Hello all,
last year I had the chance to play with a dying synthi aks (one oscillator dead, spring reverb dead, noisy pots…) So I recorded some samples before it die completely.
here it’s a small sample pack I did with it:
grab it here

Some great lofi sounds in here. Cheers :)

thanks man! cool stuff.


it should be good to upload these new XRNI’s to LoopProject for future memories…

yeah I will !

Hey üav, just browsing through my XRNIs, thanks again for sharing this.

Now, is it this one?

This is my favourite part of Pink Floyd in Pompeii, when Waters plays with that synth. :)

thanks for the pack

yes! but the keyboard-sequencer didn’t work too :)
dirty synth with capricious oscillators that don’t want to stay tuned for long.

Thanks 4 the pack, it really works!