Synthmaker like VSTi maker for OSX?


I am looking for some Synthedit / Synthmaker like software for OSX… I think there is no one, but before assuming that I ask here. I mean something the generates a standalone .vst or .au / .dll. Not reactor or anything that requires a “player” app.

Any ideas?

Protoplug is awesome for sketchy algorithmic stuff, but for example synth maker (now flowstone) had incredible gui capabilities. Sadly never used it, since I moved to OSX then. And inline assembler or including a prebuilt c++ lib would be nice, too.

EDIT: Found this, Sonicbirth, But not maintained since 2007 anymore … So assuming it’s dead.

Something like QuartzComposer, only for Audio… :slight_smile:

I didnt find anythink better than Sonicbirth.

Huh…yesterday on the run to understand va filter design a little better I’ve stumbled upon a site with just such a program: he calls it rackafx and it seems to feature an ui designer and is advertised as being capable to export code for standalone vst/au projects.

I haven’t tried it at all or investigated further, so check yourself how well this thing fares. Also it won’t support linux so it’s not relevant to me.

oops, sorry, I was misled by the fact it could produce au modules…seems like there’s only a windows version of that tool available.