SynthRave song "Treadmill"


stop decompile, go do again
don’t stray away, from repeating
I don’t wanna go, far away
go keep it up, try be a 10

stop, broken thing - buy it again
you can’t stop, because - then what?
I try to fill the hole opening up
by buying stuff - go, fill it up

I think it’s neat - workers as meat
we got to, grind them up - so that lines go up
I try to justify, my latest upgrade
but i know, I’m just a full cannibal

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That was great!! Your lyrics are cryptic

Thanks man,

Not too cryptic: I’ve been meditating on the fact that by knowingly continuing to support supply chains that exploit workers, crush whole communities in 3rd world factory conditions and even just push supply chains to force workers to jog instead of walk to fulfill online orders for cheap goods, we’re effectively eating them through our purchases like cannibals: eating their lives, their youth, their world, all for stuff…

A happy little track :slight_smile:

I like it just i wish the vocoder would be more clear and some reverb or delay would be good too but i understand you were going for this minimal approach so alrighty then

Hey man,

For me, my choice in using the vocoder as part of my sound is that it becomes more part of a texture rather than intending to be a clearly understood lyric. I enjoy vocals as a rhythmic device rather than the centre of attention. I take a lot of inspiration from the group Trans Am who I had the pleasure of doing their sound a couple of times many years ago, as well as a synth group I toured with a lot called “ponyloaf” in the way they used vocoder sounds in their music.

It’s why I used an early 80s crunchy vocoder and a wide spectrum synth input to achieve that particular sound. There is a bit of reverb on the vocoder there too to give it a tiny bit of breath, but the sound tends to eat up effects like reverb and delay until the level is too high.

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