Synths used in the Scooter song 'Rhapsody in E'

Hi guys.

I was just wondering, what synthesisers, drum machines and effects did Scooter use for their 1994 song ‘Rhapsody in E’ (featured as the B-side in their 1994 single Hyper Hyper). I always wondered what that deep bassy synth was and where it came from, and I can tell by the sound of it that it’s using sample-and-synthesis technology. I just want to know what synthesiser make and model that bassy synth sample came from. And what synthesisers were used to generate the piano lead and the choir? Do any of you know?

wrong subforum, but man did i love that tune back in the days.

my guesses: Korg Wavestation / Waldorf Microwave / Korg M1 (Piano?)

Thanks, Keith303. Was it the Waldorf Microwave that generated that Bassy synth sample? Or was it a Korg Wavestation? Maybe the piano WAS generated on the Korg M1, I’m not sure.

I can confirm that this bass synth is a typical wavestation sound, it’s 99% wavestation

How about some quasimidi?

Thanks guys! I’ll look into getting a Korg Wavestation or purchase the Korg Legacy VST bundle. Next question…

what about the ‘underwater sine-synth’ in the intro, followed shortly by what appears to sound like a square synth

with huge filter resonance? What synthesisers were these two sounds generated on?

Oh, I almost forgot… If the bass synth on Rhapsody in E was a typical korg wavestation sound, what voice name and number was that bass synth on the wavestation’s voice bank? Do any of you synthesiser pros know?

nobody here knows for sure that it actually was a wavestation and you’re asking for bank and preset number?!

and besides that, i would bet they didn’t use a preset.

What synthesiser did Scooter use to create that Bassy synth sound then? The sample-based synth I mean.

If you are after the 303 things of the late 90s, it was basically rebirth. It still is excellent for that.

Guys, (sorry for the delay), I think I managed to closely recreate the Rhapsody In E deep bass-y synth on the Mono/Fury VST.

Listen to see if you think it’s close enough. Cheers!