Sysex-messages And Export To Midi

I suggest that it would be very useful to be able to send and receive SYSEX-messages at Renoise in the future. Also “export to midi”-function might be very nice addition. I know there is some kind of converter but anyway it would be great have this function working at Renoise.

A lot of work has been put into the MIDI conversion tool. Even more work has been put into making it reasonable to use for Windows users. Have you even bothered to look at it? I suggest you do.

Hmh. Why to be so negative? What is wrong with my question? I don’t understand… I said it would be nice sometime in the future. Well, if it is not going to be in Renoise, then just ok. Let’s use this great tool then. I think also this tool is good, not thinking otherwise. I’ll use it. Great job of course.

Sorry for asking.

I too am sorry. I didn’t want to sound negative. No worries.

I was just pointing out the existing tool, the effort required behind it, and the duplication of effort most likely required to implement it in Renoise which could be spent on other features.

The advantage of the export tool outside of Renoise means that anyone with enough motivation could improve on it.

Putting it inside Renoise means another feature to support, and wait on.

Ok great! :) Thanks for the answer, btw. Renoise is IMO the best tracker out there, I love to use it. Great job.

The open file format had a few goals, one of them was offering the opportunity to third party developers to create additional tools. Yeah, it may be nice if midi export is being implemented in Renoise, but if it won’t it would not nessesarily turn out to become the end of the world.

Just have a look at a workaround:
Hope that helps.