SysEx shortcut

Hi, how can I make a shortcut to “Send SysEx File” and “Record SysEx” of SysEx Librarian tool?

I’m not sure what is exactly in the librarian tool but…:
If you scan the source-file in the Renoise Tool editor or simply open the Lua file in a text editor, you will find the functions called when you click those buttons.
Those function calls can be put under a keyboard shortcut creation.

Button code looks something like this:

 vb:button {  
 tooltip='Send sysex data',  
 text='Send SysEx File',  

Under the main program add:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Send Sysex File",  
 invoke = function()send_sysex_file(parameter) end  

In case of the file i can understand you also need to define the filename, so that needs to be gathered from somewhere.
Another pitfall is that the specific function name (send_sysex_file) and the parameters that you need to send to it must be declared prior to registering the shortcut, well, at least prior to using the shortcut.