Szaszatanizm (Feat Ks. Natanek)

It my mix with (in)famous polish prist. Well there are polish guys here so they will understand. Its fun mix only.

made me think back to some wharehouse rave and a head full of xtc… then everybody sounds polish / eastern :P

This is parody track dramatisation of priest preachings about new age. And hes telling what is hard new age. In full version he is telling Star wars, pokemons, positive thinking etc. are satan ;)

Last part:

And i asked you 14 years old boy,
Priest: Do you smoke?
Boy - No
P: Do you drink?
B: - No
P: Drugs?
B: - No im free
P: Or maybe Harry Potter?
B: YESSS I read it all!!!

And satan throwed him away, and started spinning around.

And szatanizm is satanism.

And this prist is polish internet star now ;)