Yes, I know I could make my own. But there’s nothing quite like an ‘official item’ that can be purchased. I know this isn’t the Crew’s main project, but since we’re now between releases wouldn’t it be cool to do one or two odd things like Tshirts?

I know this has been brought up a few times before. hehe, I’m in desperate need of new T-shirts! :lol:

It would be great marketing for the product too!

I will not tell you more… but the almighty devs they always think about us and never shall you think that they don’t care for our needs.
Soon you shall be proved that they exist and are benevolent to us :)

Parsec, you are speaking coded language here… :rolleyes:

i wanna know more :P

Thou shall not ask again
for the devs ways are hidden to us
Be strong in your faith and you’ll be rewarded

this is a great idea! it might cost a little more but the shirt could be really elaborate, the “background” of the whole shirt could be a pattern view (with the default color scheme, the nice blue tint) and then it could have the logo front and center. :yeah:

edit: hehe, it could even have notes in the patterns and if you “transcribed” it, it would end up playing a recognizable song! :D

what piano roll are you talking about? :unsure:

edit: but i like the pattern view idea ;)

i’m not going to say this again…


don’t let it happen again.

Yup, no way there should be a pattern editor on the shirt…

The logo is enough.

Or the webadress and a tagline.

However I do think Renoise should change name, and file ending.

but pattern editor is the “signature” of tracking :)

Just a big blue version of that logo you see up in the top left of your screen would be ferpect.

And on the back you would have:

Cubase = n00b
Renoise = k0R3

@ Parsec, I will now be patient… :rolleyes:

A simple design with the logo in the front is cheaper to produce than covering the whole damn thing with pattern editor view. Cheaper production costs mean lower prices which makes more Renoise people by the shirt. And an URL to go with the logo would be sufficient. I think any punch line will end up sounding cheesy eventually but what ever you do, no boasting or bashing on the t-shirt. That’s a sure way to make yourself (or worse, Renoise) look stupid.

(Btw. How long you think K0r3 will be K0r3?)

I was promised a t-shirt for winning beatbattle iii… that was a long time ago… so is there a design yet? If not, I’d just like one with the renoise logo, no nerdy stuff like pattern editors :)

<_< <_<
Look I won beatbattle 1… and was told I could ask for one t-shirt…
And I did.
At that time I didn’t realized that was meant litterally.
“you can ASK for a t-shirt”

maybe we should start making designs? & post them in this thread.

-then if anything at all we could always just get them printed on iron-on sheets

aw…a shirt with the renoise-logo would be just what i need…but i would like both one shirt with just the logo and one shirt with the pattern editor on …in fact my background image on my cellphone is the pattern editor with the word “kuk” on (written in notes)…IF there will be a tee available in the future, what are the odds i can get it shipped to sweden?


haha… I’m not sure I want that on a t-shirt though :)

T-shirts? T-shirts. This is what the gf made me:

Oo, look how happy I am.

cool… i wish i had such a girlfriend :P

Stuff the grrlfrund I want his T-shirt!


no no… you see, yeah you can get one t-shirt, but if you get hes girlfreind then she can make tons of them :lol: