Tab Switch Shortcuts On Macbookpro


These are the shortcuts for switching tabs from the documentation. On a MacBookPro, these will switch applications. What works on a MacBookPro. Is there a way to reassign within Renoise? Also, is a way to make the font bigger?

  • ‘Command + Tab’ Switch to Next Tab
  • ‘Command + Shift + Tab’ Switch to Previous Tab

Edit->Preferences->Keys->Global->View->Focus Next/Previous View

Unfortunately not.

you can make pattern editor fonts bigger:
Edit => Preferences => GUI => Pattern editor => Font size

Hi, did you post this in the Scripting forum because you are talking about the Terminal + Editor?

On OSX, the standard is:
Cmd + Tab = Switch from one app to another.
Cmd + ` = Switch from one window to another, within the same app.

This is the default keymapping in Renoise, which respects the OSX standard. (Try it in your other multi-window OSX apps for example)

As other have pointed out, you can change this to whatever you want.

Font size in the Terminal & Editor, not sure…

I mean Terminal + Editor.

In Preferences -> Keys -> Global -> View

Focus Next View Cmd Tab
Focus Previous View Cmd Shift Tab

On OSX, these key cmds will switch to the next and previous application and take precedence over renoise key bindings. Am curious to know what others are using on OSX if they have rebound Focus Next View and Focus Previous View.