Taktik And His Friends Are Insane!

This is perhaps the wrong section, but I looked around a bit and nothing seems to fit the bill.

I’ve been using Renoise for a pretty long time now and try to keep at least >1.1 version registred at all times to keep supporting you guys, but this is getting ridiculous.

2.8 is such an mind-blowing leap forward of Renoise it’s almost pathetic. Sure, I was happy with the rewire support and the way Renoise handled plug-ins and the recent development to the sample- and instrument editor. But this?

Feels like Renoise 4.0.

All you guys coding, writing documentation, coming up with new ideas, spending hours to weed out bugs, family and friends supporting your work and what not – kick ass!. You have truly created something great and I’m honoured to be able to… well… fuck around and have one of the greatest hobbies in the world, thanks to your software.

I’ll celebrate 3.8 final… errr… I mean 2.8… with another registration, but at this point, it seems like it doesn’t even matter. Cheers!