Taktik? Hb? Hb!

I don’t know how about you but I want to wish this awesome dude happy birthday! :)

rock the code in!

Bulk cake and best wishes for the Renoise Ur-Lord.


Cograts mate!

(I wonder how his cake would taste)

TakTik it’s birthday indeed!, make it a nice one.
Congratulations, and have many more!

Happy Birthday man ;)

Happy birthday Taktik! B)

yup have a good one!


happy B-day!

Happy birthday :)

best wishes and a happy birthday, eduard!
auf das noch einige jahre folgen werden! ;)

happy birthday, taktik and sunjammer! :D
and the six people from yesterday, also!

All the best to you!
Have a great day! :panic: :yeah:

Wow. Thanks to all of you! And hey, I’m still not 30 ;)

happy birthday chief!

and thank you for my main tool.

happy b’day man!

a fellow 77er ?! nice1

a tracked cake ( :unsure: ) from all of us to you, taktik!

(I’m still not 30 too :P)

Alles erdenklich Gute auch von meiner Seite, Eduard!!!

Happy birthday taktik!

Yeah congrats dude! Still not 30? Enjoy it as much as you can… after 30 it is all like… kids and stuff and responsability brrrrr… :D

I wish you the best happy birthday you can get from Sweden!

So you are also 77 :) Good number and still not thirty :)

Btw if you ever come to sweden be sure to come and visit!