taktiks hd crashed

my hd crashed and all my mails are gone, so please write your mails again if I havnt yet responded to them.
renoise sources are not lost, as we store them somewere else. my music is also on a different hd so things are not that bad :)

tip for you all : if you have something important on your hd’s - make a backup !!!

Ohh god, please do not create a headline like that again, my eyes almost popped, and mouth wide open in agony ;D

Well, my computer crashed on me a week ago, and creating a backup of alot of personal files would have been nice, but its gone :confused: So people, do make backups, it’s no fun, but missing alot of data is no fun either.

I guess you had an IBM harddisk…

Hehe, scary headline indeed! =) Tho the first thing that struck me was that there are multiple coders here, they must all have the latest code, right?

Besides, which tracker-coder isn’t careful with Oskari as the terrible example of loosing EVERYTHING(?) in a HDD-crash…

I backup all my creativity on a regular basis, at least when I’ve made something worth keeping… :rolleyes:

:o Sagosen – I just had a buzz HDD flashback when I read the message header too. However, I’m sure the Taktik makes hourly CD-rom back-ups which he stores in numberous fire-proof safes across the world!

Hey, I just wrote this post, and you replied almost instantly! =)

Is this chatting…?

just to calm down all of you. we use so called CVS system to store the sources of renoise. this runs on a indipendent server and even if all of our computers would crash at once, the sources are still in a safe place :)

i’ve got IBM, and i think it’s perfect… but i had crashes with western digital, fujitsu, quantum… just don’t play football with your hdd and don’t forget to keep open the breathe hole, and i guess the most of new hdds will be ok then.

Hehe… Spooky!

I’ve always had my harddrives lying on the bottom of the cabinet or on my desk. Never attached properly. I’ve taken them in and out of different computers almost daily and I haven’t been to careful about static electricity either. Never had a single crash!! :) Just some bad sectors.

many years ago i had western digital hd on my Speccy, it was 41 meg’s hdd with stepping heads motor, and it was made 11.18.1990. my power unit was not powerful enough and i had to hit(!) the hd to make it start work… pretty funny, but this hd is still works…