Tal Filter 2 Makes White Noise

Also posted this topic on the KVR forums, but thought that perhaps some fellow Renoisers can test this one out too.

here’s my post
[i]I’m using TAL Filter 2 inside Renoise and it seems to leave a white noise behind.
I noticed it when using the Notch Modulation Type, but it seems to happen with the High Pass and Band Pass types as well.

You can mainly hear it when you put some Gainer or Compressor (or anything really to gain in volume) behind it. People with really good hearing probably hear it without.

Also; the white noise continues when I stop playback.[/i]

( For the ones wondering why I use this plugin and don’t just set up an LFO/Hydra/Filter. Because it’s quicker and for lols. :) )

The plugin is creating the noise, not Renoise. You can test this by sending a completely silent sample through the plugin, rendering the results, and then normalising the results. This will boost the noise to maximum volume where it’s incredibly easy to see/hear.

There are various reasons for why TAL chose to add this noise to the output. It could simply be that the noise adds a bit more character to the filter and gives it a more analogue sound. Or perhaps the noise is added in order to avoid floating point denormals which can cause huge CPU spikes. Or the noise could even be added to ensure that the DAW doesn’t auto-suspend the plugin when it detects complete silence in the output.

Either way, the noise is coming from the plugin.

I’m not going to reply both topics, more likely that the creator will read the KVR forum anyways. :)