TAL Linux plugins

Apparently TAL now also supports linux for their non-free plugins!

Native Linux support

Updated [TAL-BassLine-101] inux build. Following experimental native Linux builds are available:


Wow, this is such a great news. Im so happy to have the TAL-Sampler and Un-NO-LX on linux especially if is possible to use a midi controller with them !!!


Same with Audio damage btw, they also started to release all their plugins for linux :slight_smile :slightly_smiling_face: finally a good granular synth for linux

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I’ve used a number of their vsts in windows for some time. Just give me a TAL-U-No-LX, a TAL-Bassline-101 and a decent sampled drumkit. I’m in 80’s heaven. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve been experimenting with both vsts and they work perfectly so far in my Ubuntu/Lubuntu-based ALSA/JACKD2 setup. I think they are a great compliment to using Renoise, absolutely stable. Some of the more complex presets can be a bit hard on the CPU but no “show stoppers”. As usual, the sound is first rate and requires little to no post-processing.

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Yeah really awesome, seems like there is a complete Linux revival lately.
I guess we have to thank bitwig for this

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Yeah, ive also been using Un-NO-LX the last couple of days a lot. on debian bullseye. also not any problem so far :slight_smile:
Same with TAL-mod and DAC, (DAC being my now not secret anymore weapon to make my drums sound great!) So happy having DAC Native on linux now!