Tal Plugins - Native Linux Versions!!

Hello all,

Just discovered some new native linux plugins, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Yes, native versions of Togu Audio Line VSTs!

The pack can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kxstudio/files/VST/tal-plugins_0.2.tar.gz/download

Includes: TAL Dub-3, Noisemaker synth (yess!), Filter, Filter-2, Reverb and Reverb-2

Early days, just had a quick play with them, so need to be sure of any stability issues. There’s a library marked Elek7ro, but it appears to be a copy of noisemaker (and it crashed my laptop…)

Nevertheless, this is great news, some of my favourite plugins now available in linux :) I hope they are going to be well supported.

Edit: I’ve had a few renoise crashes and system freezes :( But the plugins are an early release (for linux), and they sound great when they are working. I’m using 32-bit on mint 10, would be interested to hear your experiences too.
(Update: swapped my kernel out, and the crashes have gone!)

hey sji, tested on my system 32bit ubuntu 10.04, they don’t crash, maybe because I’m not using them heavily?

anyway, they are very cool!

How new they are?

I have them since I switched to KX Studio repository:

apt-cache show vst-plugin-tal-pack

Anyway, never use them ;)

Going to check after work… :yeah:

Yeah, that is great news! I really appreciate this. Finally some of the really nice freeware Windows VST are being ported to Linux. Will have to test them soon. i hope other developers follow the trend :slight_smile:


Cool, I think I’ll have another go with them… maybe my crashes were caused by something else. But if they are stable, we’ve just been treated to some fine plugins. I’ve always liked the TAL stuff, and I hope it will encourage linux versions of other soft synths. Synth1 and Crystal come to mind as good candidates.

I’ll have to check out the KX repos too!

OK I found the source of my crashing plugins. It was the kernel. I upgraded from 2.6.33-realtime to 2.6.36-lowlatency and all is working fine now!

Great stuff, get the occasional xruns, but I am using a crappy audio interface on relatively old laptop. Render to sample can fix that issue if it becomes a problem. Yay!

Works fine here too. really cool
thanks for sharing

pardon my noobyness but i installed the tal vst package from synaptic and dont understand where its located in renoise…in the dsp’s list, theres nothing. in the instruments folder neither…i guess there was no reason to store them there, but i dont see anywhere else i could look! thanks!

Not sure where the package installs them, probably in /usr/share/lib/vst, or /usr/lib/vst or something similar. I have a vst folder in my home directory where I keep all my plugins. It’s set as a hidden folder so its location is ~/.vst (or /home/myname/.vst). You can then set up renoise preferences to scan that folder for the plugins. Effects plugins will then show up in Track DSP dropdown, and synths will show up in the Instruments dropdown.

any one managed to get this going on arch 64bit?

If so what’s the process for installing?


if it’s the falktx repo, VSTs are locate in /usr/lib/vst, you should export VST_PATH=/usr/lib/vst as an environment variable and you should be set

great plugins and nice guy making them as well. Had a bug problem with one vst in Renoise and together with Taktik this was ironed out quickly.

Does no one else have this very annoying problem here: Br: Missed Notes For Vst And Dssi Udner Linux


I also just realized that the Linux version seems to be a really old version (1.02)? Is there no up to date one? The newest version seems to be 2.57!


Do you have the “Elek7ro” synth in your plugin pack? This is actually noisemaker, and its at version 2.56. 2.57 was released very recently, and seemed to be a bugfix for a midi learn issue.

Won’t that be a problem, if on Linux the synth is called Elek7ro and on Windows NoiseMaker? If I open a project started on Linux with NoiseMaker 2.56 (Elek7ro) and open that in Windows, then it will load the real Elek7ro, and not NoiseMaker, right? Or does it look deeper into the plugin than just at the name to load the correct one?


I and some friends from audio4linux.de made the same experiences like the most of you with freezes when using noisemak3r (and the same confusion about elec7ro/noisemak3r.so). But when it works, it sounds great! looking forward an update - the (juce) gui framework need some debugging, i think. I have some similar but not so heavy probs with Loomers Aspect - with JACK, the connection breaks often, when I change presets or call the GUI generally. I use Fedora 13 with Planet CCRMA and some own tweaks.

Elek7ro is not a copy of Noisemaker, but predecessor.


Sorry for resurrection but I am hardly looking for Tal Plugin Elek7ro.
I recognized that the recent version on the official site includes “Elek7ro 2”. I accidentially deleted my Elek7ro 1 for win/linux.

Does anyone still have the old version and may upload it please? :w00t:

just found TAL Plugins today, nice sound, dont sound like those little cheap ones