TAL Sampler: plays 2 notes while GUI is focused

Downloaded latest demo of tal sampler 64 bit / renoise 64 bit .

While tal gui is focused/edited …playing some notes on p.c. keyboard results in 2 notes being triggered .

Happens with both 32/64 bit dll’s and 32/64 bit renoise

Just curious gentleclock, but does keeping the ‘Enable Keyboard’ option ticked underneath the plugin window help separate Renoise piano qwerty keyboard events from the Tal Sampler piano qwerty keyboard events?

Noppes , that option is unticked .

Bug appears as soon as the gui is clicked /focused .

You don’t have the problem ? ( tal sampler version 1.8.5)

You don’t have the problem ? ( tal sampler version 1.8.5)

Sure gentleclock I can see the ‘problem’. But what I’m saying is try ticking/enabling the ‘Enable Keyboard’ option to see if that helps any :slight_smile:

didn’t help

didn’t help

shame, works for me :slight_smile:

hmm strange , which vesion of tal are you running ?

Also renoise 64 bit ?

Did you play from the comp.keyboard whil tal sampler gui is focussed ( turning some knobs ) , strat playing from c3 .

Also posted this on kvr forum

Win7 32-bit Renoise 32-bit with Tal 1.8.5 32-bit demo. What I do is open Tal plugin check ‘Enable Keyboard’ (if it isn’t already checked), then to make sure I close the Tal plugin window and reopen the gui by double clicking the instrument slot which the vst resides. Also this is on the pattern editor screen btw. Maybe the 64-bit version is buggy/different, but I can get it to not play two notes, so therefore the vst is kinda workable. I’m not saying it isn’t funny/buggy (you may have a point gentleclock) but I was just mentioning a possible workaround? Tal sampler has its piano keyboard and renoise has its piano keyboard mapped to the same qwerty keyboard.

Well that’s the main problem.

If I check 'enable keyboard ’ not one plugin responds to kbd input when the gui it is focussd , that’s why I uncheck and have done so for years .

However , when enabled with the tal plugin ( only happens with tal sampler ) ,and the gui is focused , the chromatic scale starts from a,w,s,s,d,f,t,g,y ,h,u,j this is on a azerty kbd .

If unchecked , it seems that tal still responds to it’s own/internal scale