Tal Sampler sample drop problems

Are you guys able to drop samples into tal-sampler straight from your renoise directory?
If i try to drop a sample straight into the plugin it doesnt work, It drops the sample into the main renoise sequencer. Does anybody know how to fix this ? im kinda new to renoise. Im using Tal-sampeler v2.8 and renoise 3.1.1.

Just a thought…(If Windows os) check to see if the ‘drag & drop’ works from the file explorer. (You can reveal the file explorer btw by right clicking on the sample in the Renoise file browser and selecting ‘Reveal in Explorer…’). If that is okay you may have to resort to doing that until some fix.

thanks for the reply yea i found that it worked if i dragged it from the file explorer (im on windows ). I was just wondering if other people could drop it directly from renoise directory because that would be more convenient.