Tal U-No-LX or Lush101?

So I’m trying out the demo versions of Lush101 and U-No-LX. I can’t decide between the two, and would appreciate input from anyone interested. Lush101 is going off sale after tomorrow (which is when I would buy it), and U-No-LX just got put on sale for $40 (making it cost less than half of Lush101).

I have a bunch of decent free synths, and a few paid ones—Rapture, Harmor, Toxic Biohazard, G-Sonique Ultrabass, and RE version of Predator. I don’t know if I just want something to round out my sonic palette, or just have GAS (or a bit of both), but now I’m deciding between these two guys.

They both sound great (part of why I can’t decide). I realize LUSH101 has more features and presets…

Anyway, if any users who use either/both extensively could input, I’d be grateful.

Thanks :)

I vote for “save your money.” :slight_smile: Those synths are pretty good but you can get some absolutely amazing stuff in the $200 range.

I’ve got both and love them both for different reasons. I know LuSH is over twice the price of UNO-LX but it is much more than twice as powerful. LuSH is a bit heavy on CPU but, if I had to choose one, that’s the one I’d go for.

No love for Tal, huh? Well the results are overwhelming. I’m going to go get a nice sample pack, maybe one on sale, and then sit on my hands. Or maybe after, I’ll actually make some music…

Thanks for the insight everyone.

Save your money for a real Juno-106.