Tal vocoder help

Hi! I’m trying to get the tal vocoder up and running and I’m hitting a snag. I’m as of yet unable to use the vst synth sounds to robot the voice track. If someone could describe the track setup for how to do this that would be great.
I figured out how to use my own instrument sounds to effect the vocal track using a track group and panning the voice one way and the synth the other way. But no luck yet on using the vocoders built in synth sounds. Any advice? Thanks!

Hello ! Here is a test. A sampled text vocoded by a saw sound, and the saw sound plays a melody, so that the text is singing with the saw sound. Does it help you? Note that this test uses the old deprecated TAL vocoder.
vocoder_2_voices.xrns (50.5 KB)

Hey hey! Thanks for that! I was able to swap in the newer plug and it worked fine.

So let’s say I wanted to use the plugins onboard synth section instead of a renoise instrument. Any thoughts on how to do that?

Thank you for making a test project to import. Thats a really cool way to share knowledge.

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I made this kind of test projects some years ago for Renoise, Reaper & FLStudio because I only make very few music, and it’s always hard for me to remember how to set vocoders, talkboxes, pitchshifters, autotunes…

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I wonder if this is still impossible? to send midi data from one track to an effect on another track? I’m in the same boat with trying to use a vocoder, I can use any instrument synth to get the vocoder sound out but I can’t use the built-in synth from TAL-Vocoder

-Create group track and add 2 tracks (track 1, track2 ) inside group
-Insert tal vocoder on group
-INsert vocal on track 1 ( this is your modulator track aka voice , or drums etc
-create fx alias for tal vocoder , this is to trigger the build in carrier of tal vocoder whcih resides on the GROUP bus
-Insert notes for TAL a vocoder on track 2 , this is your carrier track

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Oh yeah , the above post works in default mode of tal vocoder , so carrier is build in and triggered by midi , works great

To use an external carrier ( your synth of choice )
You choose 'side chain ’ carrier from the dropdown

, put a renoise side chain on the carrier track pointed to talvocoder ( zebra used as carrier ) , make sure to mute source on side chain

Awesome, works like a dream! Thanks!