Tales from the Bell Tower


It’s been a while.

I’ve been holding public release of this since around February or March. Its an immense weight off my shoulders, woah. Some of you know I was in hospital back at the beginning of the year. I wrote this in about a week and half after coming out. I wrote this for myself, its nice if you enjoy it too. Also I am doing well, if wondering. Can’t wait to get back to normal but its a slow and forwards progress at least! and no I haven’t cut my hair!!!111111111oneoneone


Cover designed by “fuith” :)/>

Renoise 2.8.1
Channel grouping really really helped. Thanks devs.

I might make a video capture thing of this but its quite difficult with it being so long and all. Not sure if it’d be that interesting anyway as its all very VSTi driven. :)/>

Awesome! What did you use for the strings?

(btw why were you in the hospital, if you don’t mind me asking?)

Strings are the EWQL Gold VSTi.

re the hospital, I had severe mental health issues relating to anxiety and PTSD, requiring help, which is still ongoing.

The way I see it is from this perspective; You break a leg? You get it fixed. You catch a flu? You see the doctor. Why should it be any different with my mental health? Unfortunately it took an extreme situation to put me in a position to get the help I needed.

I’m pleased you liked the track, o/

I would have done the drums in a classic drum-roll rhythm, imho the percussion sounds quite weak and loose in the mix, but the rest sounds really great. I bet Jean Michael Jarre would be your biggest fan if he would hear this.
Btw, you still owe the devs to cut your hair

Absolutely inspired stuff. Congratulations on the release!
Even though if this style is (normally) not to my taste, I had “goosebump-moments” when listening to it.
I’m especially fond of the middle part (when the guitar enters), this really is where the elements come together!

That is a LIE and you know it!

I did cut about 20cm off though. Split ends and all that… because it looked like this: :panic:

m0d: fwiw, i too suffer from mental health problems / nervous disorders, so i really can understand what you’re saying. Been struggling with these issues my whole life.

Must be because i don’t have long hair :3 :D

Wow! very nice. :)

Thanks :)