Talk To Me / Torture Me

Hey Renoisers,

My latest creation. Love to hear what you guys think.

It uses what I think might be 14/16 time signature but I’m most likely wrong. Also any mixing tips you guys have I’ll be eternally grateful, this is my first track since I purchased some studio monitors ;)


14/16 = 7/8?
On my headphones it doesn’t sound bad, but i don’t think i am going to tease my neighbours by playing this on my monitors at this early moment of the morning.

Yeah, sounds more like 7/8 to me… Although if you want to call it 14/16 you could… The only difference would be how it would appear on sheet music. However, 7/8 makes more logical sense, since the backbeat has the obvious “8th” notes, and you count 7 of them. It’s a little fast to be counting fourteen 16th notes :)

Anyway, enough stupid 4:30am rambling… As far as the song, nice flow you’ve got going here. Really like the distorted leads which are a nice contrast to the chilled out bells type sounds. Also listening on headphones, but the mix sounds good here.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers for the feedback. Yeah, I was originally going for 7/8 but then double timed the HH and wasn’t sure if the time signature changed… I guess not!

Enjoyed listening to you on Remixta the other day btw, organic io ;)

wow this actually sounds really nice. the distorted lead comes in very unexpected and has a great contrast to the rest

bit to short though… any plans on finishing the track ? ;)

Cheers man! I haven’t really got any great ideas on how to add to it right now, but I would like to expand on it at some stage :)