Tap Tempo Button!

So I did I quick search, only found one mention of this, and looked back through the first couple pages here…

I’m just kinda dumbfounded that as awesome a program as Renoise, doesn’t have a tap tempo function. It can’t be that hard to implement, can it? And it’s super useful, something I’ve missed quite often. I have to open up another application just to tap a tempo, thus defeating the point of the feature(to save time).



+1 for this !

Also see Tempo Light


Tempo light would be kinda neat too, but the tap is really gettin me.

Tap tempo pleeeeease.
Temporarily kills creativity when you have to trial bpms to get the one you want.
This would be a great feature.

well you could do this already with rewire and something like max/msp or PD. i don’t think its integrally useful enough to warrant space on the GUI because most people won’t use it anyway, unless renoise becomes more of a live tool than it really is.

Sure you could. The point of it, though, is that on those few occasions when you DO want to tap something out, it’s a pain to have to open another program just to tap a tempo out and defeats the time-saving aspect of it.

It could go in that little space between where it says Beats / Min. and the arrows/box to change it. It jsut has to be a little button, nothing fancy.

i guess if there were a shortcut key (or key combo) for it, you wouldn’t even need a button… just a thought