Tempo Light


It would be great to add a tempo light in Renoise…

Could be very usefull in some live situations !

Even a tap tempo key would be awesome…


What about looking at the pattern when it is playing? :)

You never wanted to jam with Renoise with other people?

I have and didn’t need any visual feedback other than what is already there, but maybe I misunderstand you? How would visual lights help the other people? Are they all standing behind my laptop? :)

What if you want to start a track with a live bass guitar lick? Sure the light isn’t going to help that much but being able to tap in your tempo to match the player very well could.

I was commenting more on the second part, tap tempo. I agree, a light wouldn’t help me in the slightest personally.


A light tempo could be very useful to have a quick view on the tempo, specialy when you can not turn on the pattern screen on when you need…or when you have to play an instrument on a FX ambiance without rythm…

The tap tempo key could be used to jam with others musicians, or anything else…just let 's work our imagination…

In my case, I need them…


I can see the use of a tap-tempo thing, visual lights…not so much, so +0.5 ;)

Come on!
I’m sure you can add a +0.5 more…It is easy for you!! ;)

and add a little green tempo light with the 1st tempo colored in red is also easy for the devs…as the metronome already exists, the one I never use… ;)

And be more explicit :

  • you give a +1 to the tap tempo key
  • and a +0.5 for the tempo light

1.5/2 --> it is a good result, isn’t it? ;)

?? Unless your eyes are glued to the screen, just a few inches away, that’s not very useful.

Having a visual cue that you can see from far away really could be helpful.

Tempo light kinda like the Midi Sync-light that flashes in the upper right corner when Midi is on?


BPM 120


Exacly, this can already be done, Activate Midi clock master send or whatever it is called under Prefs -> MIDI

I know…

But the midi light is very small, and doesn’t show the first time as a light tempo could do…

Also, it is not precise for quick tempos…


+1 :rolleyes:

What about googling some software that receives midi in data and gives some visual flashing or indication in a window? That way you could configure Renoise midi out to this software midi in.

Maybe if you are using a Mac, it is possible to do something with Applescript.

I remember a vst effect that blinks to the beat/bpm, a gui with a color flashing circle in it, no knobs/sliders whatever. Forgot the name though,ring a bell with anyone?

Yeah, it’s called blinker, dunno where I got it from though.

Blinker by xoxos

Warning: breakcore cause epileptic seizure!!


Blinker does not work under GNU/Linux.

And it is awful !! :P

I want it inside renoise… :D

What about the tap tempo key ?


The must would be to enable or disable it by clicking on it.

The light tempo should show always the current BPM, even if Renoise would not be in the Play mode.

Taktik : Copy and Paste my animated gif into Renoise please ! ;)



Even Sooperlooper has a Tempo Light and a Tap Tempo…