tap tempo

I know there is a tool for this, but it would be really nice to have a built-in tap tempo button. The metronome also really needs a volume fader.

+1 especially about the metronome volume fader.

Native tap tap tempo would be excellent. here’s a mockup of what that might look like.

5304 tap tempo v3.png

default metronome is bit annoying, so i replaced it with mpc ticks. metronome volume could be useful, maybe some built in choice for metronome would be good tho

I asked for this, too. So +1, native support would be great.

Why not add a tempo tapping button next to the bpm input field? Rythmic clicks on this button and iut calculates the bpm.
I was recording some music with the sample recorder, played it and now i wanna tapping the tempo, which is currently not possible smile.gif