Tape echo effect?

Is there any way of making a tape echo effect using internal effects of RN? Specifically, the warble/flutter lofi effect.

So far, I’m using automating the tapespeed on JB Ferox plugin, to input small/fast tapespeed drops. I’ve also messed around with RN chorus but its not quite what I’m looking for. Ideally, I’m thinking I’d need an LFO -> tuner attached to the delay…although I cant find a tuner effect. I know I can use automation inputs, but trying to keep it to effects.

A doofer link would be ideal (i’ve checked download section but no dice).


The multidelay works to an extent if you use one of the filters, you can automate the time parameters and get some similar effects. It’s not the best tool for that kind of effect though.

I haven’t tried this but you could go old school and copy/paste the delay in manually and then use vibrato only on the echoes?

For vibrato/warble, one can use native chorus effect with wet amount set to 100% ,no feedback and no delay. That way You effectively get delay line (that has interpolated buffer), with modulated delay time. For wow I would set the lfo speed to smth around 0.7-2Hz and depth to taste. If i wanted to warble/flutter I guess I would just duplicate the device and set the speed to something around 7k and little amount.

Works like a charm, no need for external vsts.

Totally down to test methods here as wow/flutter is one of the main reasons I go to third party plugs. Request: could someone explain to me in DSP terms how a chorus can operate as a pitch/frequency shifter?

Digital chorus usually uses delay lines. These delay lines play back straight what is fed in, but the read pointer is shifted (delayed) relative to the normal playback position by an offset that is modulated by an LFO. The result is the signal being permanently playing back slower and then faster to catch up again in alternation, causing variable delays and pitch vibration.

Normally this is used to thicken up a signal, or make it wider in stereo when the delay lines for left/right are individual or have a phase offset. But it can also provide some simple vibrato. This is what is being suggested here to fake a tape delay style effect. You could stick such chorus devices before and/or after a regular delay, and it will kind of warble the delay around a bit, not in the same way as a real tape delay though. Maybe you will find the filter section in the chorus devices useful for further fake action, to impose some saturation and damp high frequencies out of the signal at some points. You might also want to use send tracks, and seperate the fake tape delay into dry signal and a 100% wet delay channel, to make it sound at least a bit more like a real box (otherwise dry will be fucked up just like the wet, warbled sound).

Of course it won’t be as grand as a dedicated tape delay plugin. Now renoise supports external plugins so that you can use quality plugins where needed - I don’t get why people strive to only use the pretty plain inbuilt fx but not accepting that imposing such limitations one oneself won’t bring the same quality as dedicated plugins. Read: a faked tape delay out of other plugins will never be the same as a delay that was designed to sound like a fake delay.

@ Oops, thanks, that was what I was looking for. Why go native instead of bespoke? Persinally, it makes sense given compactness (non-dependency on vst) and CPU usage.