TAPE emulator doofer

Hi all, this thread: swap stereo channels in mixer? got me thinking, and I cooked up a pretty decent sounding (I think) tape wobble emulator xdrp which may be of interest to some of y’all. good for degrading the sound subtly or not-so-subtly. probably good for synthwave, ambient, experimental, downtempo, etc. anywhere you want some good ol’ wobble to your audio. works great on samples and vsts. also good for emulating analog drift at low wow amounts and speeds (no flutter)

controls include wow amount (slow tape wobble), flutter amount (fast tape wobble), wow speed, flutter speed, feedback - which morphs the effect into something more like a chorus or flanger, and stereo phase - which decouples the left and right delay times - creating more stereo width.

hope you enjoy!

TAPE WOBBLE.xrdp (115.6 KB)


Nice stuff. Did you draw the LFOs by hand? Looks like work.
Would you use this doofer on specific instruments (I would) or on your master?

Just a little side information for those who want to know:
“Doofer” is the comparative form of “doof”. “Doof” means dumb, so a doofer is dumber. :wink:

If you’re continuing to share doofers, homegrown samples and video instructions, this community has to pool some money and get you a pink Renoise hooded sweat jacket with a neon green frontprint (chest logo) and backprint OR ELSE. Right?!


Thanks! The lfos were hardly any work at all. Right click over the envelope field > Process > Create Random Points, then I just changed the first and last points to the same value so that it cycles smoothly. Yes, I would use this on individual instruments/samples, but it would probably be interesting applied as a master effect for some retro warping.

Ha! I wouldn’t refuse… though purple and green is more my jam :metal: