Tape simulation algorithm

Hu Guys!

I think its cool fun to add this simulation in to the sampler


Very kuhl!

Do U kno how this exactly works?


Very nice, a poor man’s mellotron =)

It should already be possible to simulate this with renoise pretty well. Not perfect, but well…I have a way in mind, but it won’t be most comfortable to just jam with unless I find a workaround for some peculiar problem.

I guess it is using the keys to bridge tuned control voltages (or so, Im no elec wizz) for the motor speed of the tape device, which is running endless tapes with…stuff on them. And later on he sticks a cap in somewhere, creating a lowpass filter in the control voltage circuit which will make the transitions slower, before it might just have been the motor needing a little time to spin up or down creating the fast portamentos. Note-offs seem to be just stopping the motor (like when no key is pressed), hence the cool tapestop effect when a note is released.