Tapping Tempo variations through a whole song

Hi, I have an acoustic song that was recorded without a metronome.

How could I match all the patterns bpm with the tempo variations of the song?

Is it possible to create a bpm envelope in real time for the whole song just by listening to the song while tapping the tempo?

even, do you know about any software… like ‘melodyne’ , but with tempo variation support, that could export a midi file with the tempo ‘envelope’?

I’ve checked a tool called taptempo, but it doesn’t write envelopes

please, there must be any way other than write each pattern bpm by hand…

Sorry, no idea if melodyne supports tempo changes. Of course, somehow letting a software track the tempo would be the easiest path.

But, if you want to do it manually there are better ways…

please, there must be any way other than write each pattern bpm by hand

This tool allows you to record tempo changes while playing the song


But you also need a minimal bit of setup. First of all, I would recommend setting the recording to autoseek (sample > properties).

Next, enable the metronome, and try and find the spot where you can trigger the sample and it aligns with the beat. If they don’t you might need to adjust your sample (for example, by adding a slice marker at the desired spot and then triggering that slice).

Next, tap away using the tool. And, if you start drifting - well, this approach is a bit unforgiving but might still convey feeling better than programming the values…

thanks danoise, but it seems very inaccurate¡ or maybe I’m doing anything wrong…

is it possible to set the tempo bymaking marks in the sample, where each pattern is suppose to start?

Is the goal to keep the floating BPM?

I’ve recorded some things without a backing beat and at times the tempo drift interfered with looping. I used Reaper (though I’m sure there are other tools) to “resize” sections to fit a set tempo. It allows you to stretch/shrink the wave while maintaining the intonation.

It is not automatic, so points off for that.