Target Instruments With Midi

Edit: The original post contained explicit language, swearing and such. It has been rated X and is no longer available!

I am developing a VST sequencer plugin, and I want it to support RNS as much as possible. But a really basic thing seem to be missing, when dealing with MIDI : a way to target a specific instrument that you want to “play”.

The way Renoise works is OK if you simply use a master keyboard for recording notes - but there is room for improvement:

  • There is no way of playing two different instruments at a time
  • You can’t switch to another instrument while playing - the instrument selected in the instrument table decide the target for any incoming MIDI data

I suggest that a new feature is added to the instruments, that works just like the MIDI instrument (you can select which MIDI output the instrument will use):

Imagine that the opposite was possible - the instrument could listen to a specific MIDI input, instead of being fixed to whatever instrument is currently selected.

Here’s a bit more info on the VST synthedit sequencer thingy

(no GUI yet, so no screenshots) ;)

The basic idea is to support loopback MIDI device I/O, so you would be able to use it within Renoise (and it works, I’ve done a few tests using MIDI Yoke). There’s not a lot of sequencers that are able to do that, so it would be fun to see how that could affect Renoise workflow

Apart from that, we’re talking about a pretty basic sequencer that is able to output midi clips/sequences and be controlled by/respond to the pattern editor in Renoise.

And of course, the thing would be lot more exciting to use, if you were able to target specific instruments inside Renoise…hence this thread! My personal mission, you might say…?

But anywho, it’s probably a bit late to ask for such a feature in the upcoming release
…so I’ll just leave the topic alone and ask you guys what you think ^_^

Not a ‘personal mission’, not new , and already on a very large todo list ;)

Of course targeting midi input to instruments will be there some time, also to trigger sequences/clips/instruments-patterns by a single key has already been discussed many times.

I can see this coming when the much talked about redesign of the RNI format will be done.

Thanks. Missing reponse to the topic made me think that I was alone!!

But yeah, if midi clips were implemented into the renoise instrument format, being tiny little sequencers in their own right, that would just kick ***

Until then, I will enjoy building the tool myself, just for kicks :yeah: