Tascam Fw-1804

hey all.

for a long time i have believed that emu’s 1820m package would be my next soundcard/interface,
but as i’ve been reading a lot on the unofficial e-mu forum, i’ve been holding back because of much
troubleshooting from a lot of users…

anyway, i just discovered THIS INTERFACE
and it looks very good, and stays in the same price-range as the top of e-mu cards.
it’s shipping in mid december so no reviews or anything are out yet. i don’t have any
experience with tascam equipment, i just know they’ve been in the business for a long time.

i’m seriously concidering waiting for this instead of rushing for the e-mu. any views on this?
does anyone doubt that this tascam will work good with renoise? could it perhaps be more unstable
since it’s firewire only, and has no PCI-card?

…just diggin’ for some negativity :)

Wether it will work or not work with Renoise, i know Tascam has a high name in the music recording industry standards.

My father had a lot of track-recording equipment from those guys, pretty sophisticated and lasting too.
But that was with reels :D Now we’re talking about an audio-rack.

Firewire is okay as long as you don’t use SP2 (when considering using XP, i rather would try a Mac in this case:lucky for you Renoise is currently also there for Mac OSX)