Tascam Model 12 / Renoise Mac Midi Clock Master/Slave Question

Hi there,

I’m trying to sync my Tascam Model 12 with Renoise via Midi Clock… I’ve tried this approach via Tascam’s USB port as well as using Midi cables into my Mac (also via usb but the midi ports on the Tascam).

I’m hoping this is just a simple misunderstanding on my part but I have a few notes/questions:

  1. I’m trying to make Renoise the master and have Tascam be the slave. Under the midi preferences, the only options for Master are either ‘none’ or the Tascam, not Renoise itself… is this normal? Is there a way to ‘set’ Renoise as the Clock Master?

  2. I’ve been able to successfully operate the other way around, where the Tascam acts as the Clock Master, to which Renoise will react and respond to any sort of moving around to the clock when operating on the Tascam… however only when the BPMs are in matching on both systems. Ideally, I’d like to be able to make music that has bpm changes… which is why I’m hoping to Renoise as the Master… is there something missing here?

  3. It appears the Timecode from the Tascam doesn’t work with this pairing, as the above has only been successful when I try Midi Clock

Wrapping up, I’ll say by ultimate goal is to basically have all timing paremeters be operated by Renoise while being able to still record and mix etc in the box of the Tascam… I plan on using analag out functions for the actual recording which is why other functions aren’t super crucial. I’ll also add the Midi instrument settings have been successful when hooking up my keyboard etc… so this is mainly a clock question.

Thanks for your help as I’m still a beginner!