Tascam us-144 on Windows 10 - Sometimes audio fails to initialize

a message keeps coming up every time my screensaver goes up. only way for me to fix it so far has been to close renoise and restart it. does anybody else using windows 10 have this problem? I also use an external Tascam us-144 mk2. My only solutions so far have been to turn off the screensaver/autosleep functions or to close renoise every time I am going to walk away from my computer for more than x amount of minutes.

Does ur screen saver use audio?? Better use an image :stuck_out_tongue: This problem is fully windows related and not renoise. U could try to install asio4all, so your device will be capable of shared/non-exclusive access, which it is currently not.

darn. I do have asio4all. and no the screensaver does not have audio. I might have an idea to fix it. I’ll post it if it works. I think it has to do with realtek drivers.