Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams (House Remix)

After my last attempt at more of a progressive house style was a bit of an abortion, I’m hoping going back to remixing female vocals into a house track … (again :see_no_evil:) is less so… I’ll let the jury decide :crossed_fingers:;


Very very good.Bravo!!

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The verdict is :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Jokes aside, very well done :slight_smile:

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Love it dude. Love me some Tay Tay and you did her vocals justice. I Like what you did with the chorus, seems different to the original song. Also mix is very clear and polished.

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Thank you, much appreciated.
Yea I used a different chord progression for the second half of the chorus… well noticed :wink: