TB 303 Renoise emulator

Hi guys
Here is a tb instrument for renoise…Plz try it and send me feedback.
Especially for the Accent.



I tried and…not convinced.
sample based is not the right approach for 303 emulation imho…




I find a tb sample pack here http://www.freesound.org/people/pitmusic/packs/474/
You can choose your sample,i just put one of them and i paint the other(SAW for both).
I think that the most important are how works filter_env_ accend.
Can i have your focus here plz.
I change it for now with this
also you can use this as doofer

Is that all you have to comment? Not going to congratulate the guy for going through the effort of putting this together, and making something which natively acts as a very good synth, in Renoise?

I for one applaud your effort, OP. Good stuff and there is a lot of things you have done which I will learn from and use in my own creations.

Cheers, and do keep up the good work!

Well, not ditching BpZ’s effort, just providing honest feedback as requested - not sure what’s wrong here?
I’m not particularly impressed by the sound of the first attempt (definitely not gonna try to play live with that in front of an audience), and as said, I don’t think an xrns can capture the organic feeling of the original.

But still, I’m curious how close it is possible to get with those .xrns, so I’ll nevertheless give a shot at the new version and report back (positive or negative, mind you).

Actually I was more expecting something in the vein of this one which was suprisingly good:



Fair enough- I suppose the end result does actually count for something, along with all this synth twiddling!

And yeah, the one you linked is very good indeed.