TB-303 Style Glides with SurgeXT VSTI and Phrases

I’m using phrases with SurgeXT for synth sequencer lines like oldschool Roland TB-303 acid synths. It works great with things like accents and staccato-gated notes. But I couldn’t find a way to do glides from one note to another. It will be possible if I can somehow automate SurgeXT portamento value from the phrases with a command, but it seems not possible to do that.

I know I can do this with an instrument automation on the track effects side, but I want the sequencer stuff to be confined to phrases. It will be too decoupled from the actual notes and will be difficult to maintain.

Is there any other way to achieve this? Thanks a lot.

An advanced renoise user on this forum has surely a trick to trig automation from the phrases?

Assuming that Surge XT is already set to Mono FP or Mono FP+ST, and that the portamento slider is set to some value, In Renoise, notes need to overlap in order for the portamento to work, and that’s possible using several note columns:


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This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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