Tc Impact Twin Strange Behaviour

Two months ago I switched to TC interface. I’m using Renoise, Cubase and Ableton as well but there’s only a problem with Renoise.

Sometimes (or maybe I should use the term “often”) when I’m using Tab to switch between tracks or focusing the mouse on application, there is something strange going on with the audio. Starts dropping, crackling and there is some noise coming. Every time I need to Reinitialize and the problemn is solved.

Got no problem with both Ableton and Cubase.

My system is Windows XP SP3. The problem occurs at different latency settings - from 3 to 200 ms.

Any idea what might causing it?


What frequency and bitrate do you set Renoise to and if you switch to other apps, what bitrate and frequency do they operate at? i have a bit an idea the device doesn’t like to be hijacked on bitrate/frequency when switching to applications operating on different audiorates than Renoise operates with.Well, switching to lower may not be a problem, but switching to higher rates might not be liked.

It’s not about switching between Renoise and Cubase or Ableton at the same time. It happens only while I’m in Renoise or I’m switching to Windows Explorer and then again to Renoise. For example, I’m tracking, then alt+tab to browser or explorer window, then again to Renoise and sh*t hits the fan - not every time but often. Also, it sometimes happens, when switching between tracks while in Renoise.

I’ll investigate this futher because I’ve just found that it only occures while I’m triggering play action after focusing on RNS or after track change. I checked CPU Load - it has nothing to do with that (35 or 70% cpu load od Q6600 makes no difference). My TC and audio software is always set to 24/44 and 256 or 384 samples for latency.

I’d love Reinitialize shortcut :)


I’m using Windows XP (nLited) almost castrated to the core but network support & connectivity is important for me. I’ve got 2 NAS disk arrays for storage and I’m almost all the time on the net with my second MacBook. It would be helpfull to have a PANIC/Reinitialize button or shortcut available (from keyboard), It’s important for me because I’m often sitting 2 or 3 meters from LCD, especially when recording guitar or drums. And as I mentioned before, only Renoise reacts this way. The DCP tool from TC shows absolutely nothing. Ok, I’m not whining… I’m just getting little frustrated :D

And no way I’m going to switch to another interface, TCIT is goddamn cute and performs well while on stage.


Does this NAS also contain parts of your system folder or installed programs?
Or is that simply for external storage?
I know that the MFT of external drives get updated during write actions from the OS. If there is limited connectivity, you experience slowdowns as well.

This is for hardware backup purposes only and project files storage. It’s not a problem here, because other software works great - and I use plenty of VSTis as standalone hosts and other applications for home and stage performance. Recently I switched back to Renoise to record drum patterns and that’s how it came up.

It happens only (most) when I switch to other Window and after a while back to Renoise, and then I try to hit PLAY (Ctrl) or press key that releases a sample/instrument sound.

I realize, that Cubase has an option to release an ASIO driver when application is not playing/recording/processing anything and is running in background, maybe something like this is possible to achieve with Renoise as an option?

Hey, I’m not givin up. I use many tools, RNS is only one of them but my favourite one. I’m just trying to make my life easier and to reduce number of mouse/keyboard clicks I must perform to use reinitialize :)

Steinberg has their own internal ASIO driver repository for many brands of audiocards that they use in their software (Like Cubase) while Renoise depends on the ASIO driver that has been delivered by the manufacturer themselves. That is quite a huge difference and also means that releasing original ASIO drivers, comes with risk;
Some soundcards need some time to actually release the ASIO driver and return to DirectSound mode.
So if there would be such thing, this means there has to be a time-out for this as well (meaning simply minimizing and reopening Renoise should not attempt to close and reopen the driver at an instant as this may cause your soundcard not to respond at all any longer) and checks if the driver has actually been released.
So being at the mercy of these drivers there is no guarantee that Renoise gets an actual status update whether the driver is available to open or already open (and by which application).