Tearing Neurofunk Monster-Velodyne up by Tarek-FM

Like party, festival or some other “happening” where I’d be playing some tunes.
Just waiting for downloadable / vinyl version :)

This track is really sick! Where can I find more of your music?

Cheers m8!! It may not sound like it, however, I am relatively new to the production aspect of music and thusly have just decided to focus on DNB,Neurofunk, and Dubstep around 9 months ago…It takes a bit of grafting…er a lot of grafting to master these styles esp if u r in2 the more forward thinking and technically challenging styles.

So ATM I have another track in this style on my soundcloud page(Mind Bender, which aired on the last episode of Remixta) which you can find in my sig if u haven’t already.

Other than that you can hit my myspace page(which u can find my visiting my renoise profile). I haven’t updated it for ages … so the tracks on there are good, however, not as tight and focused as my dnb stuff. They are dance with no particular style…rhythmic experimentations if you will.

If you are into metal at all, you can check out the metal link in my sig. I play and teach guitar so my guitar work is pretty decent.

Thx for the interest!! :walkman:

@AKSN, Good stuff!!! Will let you know then!!

Thanks for the support guys!! As always comments on my track waveform are appreciated if you are part of the soundcloud community(if you like the track(s) of course)!! :)