Tearing Neurofunk Monster-Velodyne up by Tarek-FM

Hey folks, really proud of this one…will be basing my future sound off of this track, already getting label interest and haven’t even promoted it yet!
Enjoy some heavy neurofunk, its in my sig…
Peace out,

OMG that’s a killer tune man.

Sounding great :)

Like the fx, really nice work on those.

Not really sure about the volume gaps at around 2:11 in, sounds like it could have just a little tighter envelope there…For the rest i have nothing to complain about ( :lol: )
Drum (and edits) are really good also :walkman:

Cheers guys!! Was waiting for someone to notice!! :lol:

@Weeble…volume gaps, you mean the transtion edit right b4 the next 16 bars?

thx again…come fellow renoisers don’t b shy, this is a good one!! :walkman:

ye, well done! (=

my only beef is that the snare sounds too rounded (with shitty ear buds, mind you). it needs more highs imo!

so, basically… lofimat on master and ur good to go, m8! :>>

Ha ha!! @ Maes…cheers ur comment made me smile…

I knew damn well when i was listening to the tune that my snare was lacking high end and left it anyway!.. spending so much time on the other sounds!! U caught me out!! :rolleyes:

there are couple tweaks I will do b4 i finally release it so i will add that to my list now that u have confirmed it is an issue!!

:lol: @ lofimat on the master, that’ll do the trick!! Thx again! :walkman:

Now just listened again, sounds like only the atmosphere sounds are in that part where it cuts out, think i would not notice anything (strange) if the volume didnt cut completely…But anyway i can understand if u want it to sound like that, got my attention all right :) So maybe it is best to just leave it like that…

yeah, probably will leave it…other people have also said they didn’t like the snare on my other track…but you know what… gonna leave it coz i love it!!

sometimes its best just to stick w your decisions and only change them if u actually feel u should change it…

but trust me m8, ur feedback is always welcome! i love hearing what u have to say as u always hear something that i probably haven’t even noticed!! :lol:

btw: 4got to say this yesterday…don’t knock “shitty” ear buds guys…I do most of my writing on them, I find they reveal things that monitors can’t! :walkman:

i don’t have a problem with them but these that i got lately (i have them at work to cancel out the noise) were much worse than others i’ve had. they are pretty cheap. anyways, i agree… stick with what you like! (=

So u actually meant shitty then!! My bad! Just so u know in case it wasn’t clear…when I talking about other ppl not liking my snare i was refering to my earlier track not this one…weeble was one of them which is y i brought it up, was nothing to do w/ ur comment…as I said I actually agree w u and will layer w/ a hp clap or bright snare low in the mix w a super tight envelope b4 i release it! Or maybe just lofimat on the master as per ur advice :lol:

I m however, starting to c where other ppl were coming from @snare…now instead of just getting them phat i m looking to make sound…well…like snares!!! :rolleyes: :lol:

just a little bumpitty bump 4 all those who haven’t heard my l8est neurofunk masterpiece, enjoy :walkman:

As promised, shameless equalising bump(u will understand y in another thread in the song forum) for those haven’t heard it or forgot to say how much they loved it :P

some sick,tight as f%^&^ beats and monsterous bass…getting a lot of release requests and label interest but must finish ep…off to a slow start this year. So must get in2 gear(er try getting off this forum for starters).

Enjoy guys, hope your new year is starting off nicely!!
Tarek :walkman:

And if u haven’t realised, said track is in my siggy ;)

Nice industrial sounds mixed with juicy bass:)

Thank you very kindly!(takes a bow)

Any more fans?? :P
Anyone on soundcloud, leave a comment on my track if u dig it :walkman:

Hiii, its better to bump tracks like this : )
Good work. I was listening dubstep these days, and this track have some elements in common. Its too “hardcore” for me, but I like the sound and the bass. Im new to this sound so I will keep listening.

Ha ha, I figured the community would think so B)

Yeah, I love dubstep too, will have that on the EP I am working on.
Keep on sifting through these new styles(new to you I mean) and you will find the sounds that resonate with you most.
Some styles aren’t my cup of tea either, like technoid dnb. However, I have found an artist or two that I really dig!! :)

Any more fans? :walkman:

Remember, if you are part of the soundcloud community leave a comment on my track thx! :)

Hey man you seem to be an expert on throwing down some wicked tunes.

I had a couple questions about making dubstep remixes, if you wouldn’t mind giving me some insight.
Making a dubstep from scratch, would you suggest throwing down a steady beat first, and adding interments on top.
Then syncing it nicely with the dubstep wobble waves?
Also, what’s a good way to transition from one beat to another throughout the song, or after a bass drop? ( a constant beat in the background gets kind of repetitive).

Thank you,

Thank you very much, thats quite an accolade…getting there for sure.

Sure…1st?-Defo throw down the beat first…I am finding more and more that the beat and drums used really can define a track so take care to make sure you are happy with this aspect b4 doing anything else.

Yeah, then sync with ur dubstep wobble.

Last?-Not quite sure if I understood last question completely but I will try. As far as repetitive beats are concerned you can keep the same beat throughout the track w/o it getting repetitive…this comes down to small variations in your drum pattern throughout 4 or 8 bars…Drum fills and edits really help to add interest as well.

If you are actually talking about a complete beat/genre switch, the most common I have heard are: Dubstep to Breaks and Dubstep to DNB…Dubstep to Breaks is a bit easier as u can stay at around 140bpm…Dubstep to DNB is a little tricker as u r going from 140 to 170 (more or less obviously as figures mentioned are just examples). However, in both cases the transition usually happens after 2nd drop.

If u need anymore help I will glad to do my best :)

Any other fans, questions? :D

again if u r part of the soundcloud community leave a comment if u dig…cheers

workin on some new stuff as we speak :walkman:

Great track! Got yourself a new follower ;)

Snare could use some layering but otherwise just the way I like. I would easily play this with other d’n’b @ happening.

Cheers M8!! Thank you, Thank you!!! :D

Yeah, defo @ snare…think u might notice thats been talked about in thread…will defo do b4 release/or VIP mix.

What’s “Happening” ?

Any more fans?? Love??? :P

Those in the Soundcloud community leave a comment on my track waveform if u dig, cheers to those who have!! :walkman:

Tarek :)