[tech-house] Kuscheltier


this is my first tune using renoise as sequencer. Before I used another tracker.

Style: Tech-House

-> Kuscheltier

I would be happy about some comments. :)

it says it needs a username and password

Oh, sorry; fixed it hopefully. Please try again. :)

Nice… /me likes :)

It’s nice but not my kind of music, but definitaly nice…

I liked the drums


Sorry, i can’t comment on a song which style i dislike

Rock on tho


downloading , will comment tomorow!


Oops!! totally forgot about this one :blush: blame it on the christmas shopping…again tomorow!


@dexxter: thank you :)
@duffey: thanks as well for listening to it though it’s not your style. :)
@jonas: np. Buying the last christmas-presents is much more important. Fortunatly I have them already. ;)

yeah , 4 to the floor not really my cup of wodka, more of a breakbeat head myself, tho clubbin’ I’d defenitely freak to this…nice quality mix…at first with the dist. kicks I thought my headphones were broke :slight_smile: like the gliding , false synth sound + choirs (-<absynth?). Good stuff.


Thank you. :) The choir-sounds are from the Yamaha AN1x.