Tech-house Sound "save Net Radio" (unfinished)

Hi there,

This is my latest work in renoise, but next week i´m leaving my country until xmas, so no renoise in roughly 3 months… :(

I´m posting the last state of my song “Save net radio!” with the Xrns included. You are free to continue my work or remix it or whatever… i won´t be able to continue this work until december.

This tune features good punch with drum and claps, a deep bass (Toxic-III vst) and a long speech file i streamripped from that talks about the danger of the increase of royalties of internet radios.
I tried to give the drum as much power as i could, then stardust compress all magically :yeah:

Some tricks are used with Supaphaser on stabs and Phat-pro boosts the bass. I like particulary the speech sample (downpitched and reverbered). The mastering is done basically with Stardust VST.

It´s an unfinished song and that includes missing effects… some repetitive beats… the master sound clips… no ending… a bit short… but i have no more time. Hope you like it.

I´ll try to end this track as soon i arrive again to Spain :)

Link: (OGG vorbis, 4,02 Mb )


Vst dependences:

I´ll try to read the boards from some ciber-cafe around the mediterranean countries.

  • Klez B)

No replies? Well, I love this tune, hope you finish it soon :)

this song have a great groove. very stylish on the production aspect.
nice work all around. i definitely would like to hear the finished track.