Tech Talks

a little excerpt from IRC chat #renoise showing how much ahead we ReNoise people are.

still would be far better to have a native ‘freezer’ in renoise though ;)
I heard renoise v3.57 will have one
yes, for Coke
using renoise automation to control any aspect of your house :)
selfcleaning toilets even?
why not
yep. planned for renoise 152.3
nice one
a fast tracker like house automation tracker!
registering renoise enables automatet curtains on all bedrooms
using the demo version will result in the occasional doorslam and stairsqueeking
house cleaning support forums!
and also nagscreen which will ask puzzling questions before they will open your bathromm doors
hey that would be fun, except for hasty trips to the toilet…
be sure that everyone would register >8)
with the registered version you can render all jobs into one big house cleaning job
which you can set at predefined times
must pee, must pee…" What’s the 7th highest mountaintop in the world" …YAAARGGHHH
come join the cleaning compo!
a damned bug in reniose v43.2 (housemaid edition) killed my cat
we are funny today
yes…we are
hey, once you know that the Big Brother is hearing, noone speaks >8)

Ahh… if only I could find an effects pluging than ran in the background and did my university assignments for me while I made music… that would be a seriously useful native effect - we could call it ReAss.

Funny shit guys . :lol: :rolleyes:

or perhaps something like that:

True. But I’m still paying for this… :)

Maybe the crew should stop charging for the tracker and make money on exessive manuals and training videos in stead? With naked ppl!! :lol:

I dont want to see taktik jumping around naked explaining renoise. really.

thanks looza :)

no offence ! really !

Okay, naked CHICKS then…? :P