Technical Question Regarding Import Of Non-audio Files...

Renoise, like other fine trackers, allow us to import any file and use it as a sample.

How is the data mapped? Is there normalization going on?


Nops, they are played back as imported. You have to normalize them manually in the sample editor if you want them to be normalized.

I should have phrased my question more clearly.

I’d like to know what happens between when the file is loaded and displayed.

Is the algorithm something like the following?
Check if file is a valid audio file.
If not, create a default header (using the Renoise defaults).
Now treat the file as the waveform and load.

My question is: Is there any manipulation of the data to generate the waveform? Are the samples (two bytes, four bytes, etc) normalized to some value? Or are they left alone.


Sorry, should have read your post more carefully. You can define by yourself how Renoise imports those (bit depth, samplerate and so on) by holding down Control (Command on the Mac), then double clicking the files. Or right click the file and choose “Load file with Options…”

And audio files are only recognized by their extension, so Renoise wont correctly recognize Mac OS9 data fork types…